Have you ever been to a new city, or just bored in your home town, and you want to do something fun but don't know where to look? My friend Angel Valencia and I set out to design an app that helps you do just that. LOC is your local friend. Based on six simple questions, LOC will give you an event you will love.

The overarching concept for the design of this app was simple and quick. Instead of long complicated questions, we wanted simple A or B options to choose from. After you answer questions there to never be a list or comparison with a variety of options. You get the best option, big and bold. That way you can quickly find an event and be on your way.


With out over thinking it, people answer five simple A or B type questions. They are based on icons that are clear to understand, but vague enough to not lead to one specific event. After all questions are analyzed, the app suggests the best match from our wide range of events. There is everything from local concerts that change nightly to hikes and gardens.


A simple fun action can make or break an app. Much like Tinder, we wanted the process of choosing your activity to be just as fun as the action themselves. We came up with the drag and drop option to allow users to place themselves in the event they want.


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to an app is getting your name out there. The biggest way we did this was through partnerships. Local chamber of commerce gave us data and events and helped promote the app. Also local venues and events help promote our app both in their store and social media.

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