U.S. Currency

U.S. Currency

In the United States, money design has always fallen under the same "it has always been this way" mentality. I wanted to take a fresh new approach that shows the beauty of America and functions more effectively. Instead of slapping on layers of security until the image is unrecognizable, why not beautifully integrate the textures and seals? The money should be celebrated, and make someone want to hold on to it a little bit longer before they spend it.


User Experience

When was the last time you handed someone money landscape? What direction do you put money in a vending machine? When I redesigned money I had these two questions in mind. I changed all the type and imagery vertical, to reflect how it's handled. In order to help the visually impaired, I separated the dollars and cents with very distinct vivid colors. The removal of the coins will save valuable money and resources for our government.

On top of all the basic security features (seals, patterns, textured photo editing), there is UV sensitive ink printed on all bills that can be revealed with a black light. Printing UV ink is hard when you don't have the right tools and knowledge, and expensive when you don't buy in large quantities. These two qualities make it perfect to stop counterfeiters. Who said security has to be ugly?