P.S. 118

Photographer Tommy Kowalski has put out seven issues of this Arizona local skateboard magazine. Several of my photos have been published in this magazine and I have been featured in various photos. For the 8th issue I have been asked to collaborate with the staff on design and layout elements.

Type set in Helvetica and Courier, and placed on a modular grid, P.S. 118 uses Swiss design to promote Arizona Skateboarding. All photos, interviews, and promotions are of local Arizona skateboarders. We have the best skate scene in the country, now there is a medium to show it. This particular issue was all analog and alternative process photography.

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Great People

One of the best things about working for a local magazine is the people. Not only was I working with my friends, they were also the main content for the magazine. This is the layout I got to do for an interview with my friend Caleb Schrank.


For all of those not in Arizona the magazine was available in fully responsive digital format. That way everyone who doesn't get to experience the wonderful scene can be a part of the fun.